7-inch maxi bm monitor, sbtop

7-inch maxi bm monitor, sbtop

Colour monitor for flush-mounting (on Art. 6817) or wall-mounting (on support Art. 6820) with 7" 16:9 screen, hands-free full-duplex audio and touch sensitive controls and magnetic induction handset for wearers of hearing aids. Allows brightness, contrast and audio volume control, plus adjustment of the volume of the ringtone, which can be customised with a choice of different melodies. Equipped as standard with control buttons for lock-release and audio enable/disable with relative indicator LEDs, plus 6 further buttons for self-ignition, privacy service and other programmable functions. Manages floor door calls and call repeat as standard. Complete with 2 x 8-position DIP-switches for user code programming and button programming. Equipped with riser distribution terminal Art 1214/2C. The monitor can only be used in 2-wire SimplebusTop Color systems. Dimensions: 223x124x25mm
Technická specifikace
  • Jedinečná ref. hodnota6801W-BM
  • Skupina výrobkůMAXI
  • Skupina produktůDoor entry monitor
  • TypObjekt
  • Datum zveřejnění2018-11-12
  • Číslo vydání1
  • Výška (mm)124
  • Šířka (mm)223
  • Hloubka (mm)25
  • Hlavní materiálPlast
  • Navrženo vItálie
  • Vyrobeno vItálie
  • Čistá hmotnost (kg)0.7
  • Kategorie objektu BIMElektronika - Jiné
  • Klasifikace IFCElektrický prvek
  • Název UNSPSCIntercom systems
  • Kód UNSPSC43221525
  • Kód Uniclass 1.4L7632
  • Popis Uniclass 1.4 Intercom systems
  • Kód Uniclass 2.0PR-16-02-43
  • Popis Uniclass 2.0Intercom Remote Handsets
  • Kód Uniclass 2015Pr_75_75_27_43
  • Popis Uniclass 2015Intercom remote handsets
  • Referenční kód NBS16-02-43
  • Referenční popis NBSIntercom Remote Handsets
  • Kód CSI MasterFormat 201427 51 23.30
  • Název CSI MasterFormat 2014Residential Intercommunications and Program Systems
  • Číslo OmniClass23-37 23 17 13
  • Kód CSI UniFormat IID5030
  • Název CSI UniFormat IICommunications & Security

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