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Vertikal EcoSUND

Výrobce: Götessons
Kategorie produktu: Furniture
Skupina produktu: Wall and Ceiling Acoustics
Hloubka (mm): 50
Datum publikování: 2020-06-01
Číslo vydání: 1
Typ: Objekt
Stáhnout (13)

Vertikal is an acoustic lamella blind, perfect for most types of spaces and is especially usefull to absorb sound that bounces against hard surfaces and large glass areas. The lamellas are made of our unique sound absorbing core material EcoSUND in white, grey or black. 

Vertikal is easily adjusted in different positions and can be pushed aside if you wish and is therefore suitable wherever you wish to regulate reverberation. The absorber can be dressed on one or two sides with textiles Opaq and Opaq Colour.


Slide and turnable lamella curtain with 20 mm sound absorbent on each lamella.

Mounted on rail, length:

Textile: Opaq XX.

Raw material colour: white, black, grey. 

For updated information, see https://www.gotessons.com/en/products/wall-and-ceiling-absorbents/vertikal-ecosund

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Navrženo: Sweden
Vyrobeno: Sweden

BIMobject kategorie: Stavební materiály - Akustické panely & Příslušenství
IFC klasifikace: Object
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