Metal Raceway HBL3000 Series

Metal Raceway HBL3000 Series

Extensive Line
  • Full line of large, single channel, two piece metal raceway.
  • Easily mounts on walls or bench tops.
  • Large single channel base for power or datacom cables.
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified.
  • Available in ivory or gray powder coat finish.

Plates and Covers
  • Wide range of covers and cover plates accommodate the most demanding applications.
  • Removable cover and cover plates provide easy access to wiring compartment.
  • Precut covers and plates provide quick installation and are available in common configurations.

Transition Fittings
  • UL Classified to transition from Wiremold® 3000 Series Metal Raceway to Hubbell HBL3000 Series Metal Raceway.
  • Reducer fitting provides transition from Hubbell HBL3000 Series to Hubbell HBL2000 Series Raceway.

  • Hubbell Handi-Screw® eliminates “difficult-to-install” long screws for faster mounting.
  • Rounded corners eliminate sharp edges.
  • One seam construction provides “clean” look.
  • Large capacity allows for the installation of 30, 50 or 60A receptacles.
  • Utility box can be used as a tee, cross, junction box or as a branch circuit extension.

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