BIM – a tool for communication and prescription

Elise Monot - 2019-02-05

Projiso, French manufacturer of spray-on coatings, sell their products on a global scale. We’ve talked to Pierre Gorchs, Sales Director at Projiso, about BIM and BIM strategy.

Selling efficiently on a global market

Founded in 1975 in France, Projiso offers a highly developed range of products for passive fire protection and high-performance acoustic products. The company is active on a global scale, and in a variety of projects.

“We deliver our products to all sectors and all categories of buildings, both new and renovated, public and private,” says Pierre.

He notes that the whole construction sector is undergoing a digital transformation and that Projiso wants to be part of that movement. After ten years in sales with Projiso, Pierre sees BIM as a natural evolution.

“We work with all the actors in the construction industry, from architects, project managers and economists to designers and engineers. BIM allows us to reach them all,” he says.

For Pierre, the development of digital products isn't just a service provided for the company's customers, but also a way of making his own job in sales easier and more efficient.

“A large part of my time is devoted to specifying. I need to be able to communicate effectively with all our specifiers, and BIM provides the platform for that.”

“BIM has helped us stand out from the competition”

Pierre stresses the importance of keeping up with digitalization, and of taking the lead instead of being left behind.

“We wanted to be proactive, and be the first actor in our industry to take this step. BIM has helped us stand out from the competition and position ourselves as leaders in our industry,” he says.

Pierre underlines that BIM serves the whole industry, both as a communication tool and a prescription tool.

“With BIM, and through BIMobject, we are able to stay in touch with our customers 24/7.”

A platform with a strong reputation and global visibility

It was in 2017 that the Projiso group embarked on their BIM journey, together with BIMobject.

“We found BIMobject to be the best-suited partner to support us in this process,” says Pierre.   

He lists a number of reasons why Projiso chose BIMobject as their partner and platform.

“BIMobject is a platform with a strong reputation and global visibility. The team is dynamic and competent, and BIMobject offers a powerful monitoring tool for following-up on downloads”, he says.


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