BIMobject® establishes subsidiary in Hong Kong

Louise Otto - 2017-05-11

Today, BIMobject AB (“BIMobject”) announces its establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong in order to meet the rising demands from Asian markets and expand its global presence. With Simon Cai as the Executive Business Director Asia, the Hong Kong office will operate out of the tech company hub Cyberport and function as the BIMobject® gateway to Asian markets.

The BIMobject team have experienced a growing demand for the company’s products from Asian markets. The increased interest stems both from building product manufacturers, who create digital versions of these products known as BIM objects, and from users who download these digital objects from the platform BIMobject® Cloud to use in real-life building projects and developments. With a rapidly growing base of registered BIMobject users in the region, the BIMobject team see a clear need for a strong local subsidiary. The venture carries a large potential for the company, the economic gain of which cannot be estimated in this early stage.

The Hong Kong government have played a key part in the opening of the subsidiary. Government representatives met with BIMobject at the company’s head office in Malmö, Sweden, to provide assistance in analysing the Hong Kong market. They further facilitated the forming and registration of the subsidiary, as well as helping BIMobject find a physical office space for their venture.

The new offices are located in the wholly government-owned Cyberport, a designated hub for IT and technology companies. Cyberport is a Hong Kong cluster of more than 500 companies and therefore the ideal environment for BIMobject to cultivate relationships and remain at the forefront of innovative developments.

Having started on May 1st, 2017, Simon Cai establishes the Hong Kong subsidiary in the role of Executive Business Director Asia. This role includes management of the existing joint venture with the Chinese company Beijing Jianyi Investment Development Group, Beijing International Internet Technology Limited Co. With almost 10 years’ experience of large-scale business development ventures in the Sweden-China business community, native Swedish and Mandarin language skills and an intercultural understanding, Simon Cai’s profile is uniquely suited to spearhead the enterprise. Simon Cai’s background lends itself to linking the Sweden-based BIMobject headquarters as well as its existing network of international BIMobject subsidiaries with a strong presence in Asian markets, and to establishing the Hong Kong office as a driving force across the architecture, engineering, and construction industry (AEC). Although it may be expanded subsequently, the subsidiary will consist of Simon Cai exclusively in its initial stage.

“I’m honoured to take on this role in such a dynamic and fast growing geographic area. BIMobject is the market leader with strong technical expertise. We aim to support our Asian clients with the latest technology within BIM to ensure their business success”, says Simon Cai, Executive Business Director Asia at BIMobject.

“I am delighted to welcome BIMobject to Cyberport, Hong Kong’s digital flagship. We have over 500 digital and tech companies based on-site here as part of our ecosystem. I am certain BIMobject will find this a perfect base from which to build out an Asia-Pacific business”, says Mark O. Clift, Chief Operating Officer for Cyberport.

“It’s the perfect time for BIMobject to expand into Asian markets and we’re fortunate to do so with the enthusiastic support of the Hong Kong government. We were excited to welcome delegates to our headquarters in Sweden, and we gained some fantastic insights together. Now, we’re able to move forward from a local hub and meet demands from a market we already know is waiting for us”, says Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject.


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