AirGuard Brush Cable Grommets

AirGuard Brush Cable Grommets

Air Guard Brush Cable Grommet, surface mount two piece assembly designed to retrofit around existing cables without the need to disconnect cables. Covers any shape or size up to 10" x 10".
  • Brush cable grommets help to prevent air loss in plenum cooled floors when access holes are required for cable routing through the floor.
    •Provides an exceptional seal around cables for an effective and economical solution towards eliminating bypass air through cable cutouts.
    •Provides an energy savings benefit by reducing cool air loss while improving the static pressure to cool data center equipment.
    •Helps prevent network equipment from overheating.
    •Seals cable openings with an overlapping brush and/or EPDM gaskets to help prevent under-floor contamination.
    •Floor tiles can be removed without disconnecting equipment.
    •Flame retardant ABS polycarbonate material provides a finished look.
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