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Parallel Profile Open-Web Trusses, Red-L™, Red-W™

Číslo položky: redbuilt-parallel-redl_redw
Výrobce: RedBuilt
Kategorie produktu: Construction
Skupina produktu: Wood Trusses
Datum publikování: 2018-10-17
Číslo vydání: 1
Typ: Objekt
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Open-Web Trusses
RedBuilt™ Open-Web trusses provide architectural freedom for commercial and light-industrial applications. Designed and built specifically for each job, they create efficient and economical floor and roof solutions. Open-Web trusses give you the advantages of wood and steel - their high strength-to-weight ratio and long span capabilities free you to design and build large open spaces of over 100 feet wide.

Long-Span Applications and Advantages

  • Trusses are lifted in rigid modules with the sheathing permanently attached; no steel workers or special installation crews are needed
  • Perfect for uncluttered, open spaces without intermediate bearing walls, columns, or obstructions such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, shopping centers and warehouses
  • Easier and less expensive to remodel, install equipment and efficiently use the space - even if it's divided into smaller areas

    Features and Benefits
    RedBuilt manufactures a series of open-web trusses to meet commercial construction needs:
  • Red-L™ truss is lightweight and efficient
  • Red-W™ truss is a slightly heavier-duty truss for mid-range spans
  • Red-S™ truss offers strength, efficiency and economy for large open areas such as in schools, offices and warehouses
  • Red-M™ and Red-H™ trusses can easily accommodate heavy loads and long spans -- ideal for offices, warehouses, auditoriums and shopping centers.

  • Materiál hlavní: Wood
    Sekundární materiál: Steel
    Navrženo: United States
    Vyrobeno: United States

    BIMobject kategorie: Konstrukce - Rámy a podpěry
    UNSPSC název: Wood trusses
    UNSPSC kód: 30103606
    Uniclass 1.4 Kód: L3523
    Uniclass 1.4 Popis: Trusses
    Uniclass 2.0 Kód: SS-15-10-75
    Uniclass 2.0 Popis: Structural Framing Systems
    Uniclass 2015 Kód: Pr_20_85_90_81
    Uniclass 2015 Popis: Softwood trusses
    CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 06 17 36
    CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Metal-Web Wood Joists
    Číslo OmniClass: 23-13 35 19 13 17
    Název OmniClass: Wood Trusses
    Tento produkt je k dispozici v:
    North America
    • Canada
    • United States

    BIMobject SEEK Properties

    Construction - Frames & Trusses

    Název Hodnota
    Depth 1' 2" — 4' 2"
    Material MSR Lumber
    Web Material Cold Rolled Steel

    COBie UK



    This property set allows objects to be COBie UK BIM Level 2 classified

    Název Hodnota
    Material MSR Lumber