ZRD-B15A High-Brightness Micro LED Video Wall Modular Display Cabinet

ZRD-B15A High-Brightness Micro LED Video Wall Modular Display Cabinet

Unforgettable images to match the largest creative ambitions

The ZRD-B15A modular display cabinet combines advanced Micro LED technology with powerful processor "X1™ for Crystal LED" to create bigger, bolder, more attention-grabbing visual experiences.

Offering spectacular brightness, the ZRD-B15A is ideal for presenting high-impact HDR content in sunlit corporate lobbies, virtual sets, and production backdrops. Cutting-edge picture-processing technologies ensure spectacular large-scale images with industry-leading clarity, contrast, and color.

The ZRD-B15A features a resolution of 384 x 216 dots, with a pixel pitch of 0.02 in (1.58 mm).

The borderless design of each energy-efficient Micro LED panel allows multiple ZRD-B15A cabinets to be tiled seamlessly, creating super-size high-resolution displays with virtually any dimensions or aspect ratio—and no bezels or visible gaps. The slim, light Micro LED panels are easy to install and maintain without requiring special skills or complex equipment.

  • Unmissable images as big as your imagination

    Tile multiple ZRD-B15A Micro LED modules to create totally seamless extra-large displays—and impress your audience with uniquely rich, immersive images that bring viewers even closer to reality.

    Exquisite image clarity, near or far

    Reality Creation upscales lower-resolution content to look sharper and more detailed, even when viewed in closeup. The powerful processor "X1 for Crystal LED" optimizes signals and reduces image noise. Ideal for 24p input video, Motionflow ensures smooth, blur-free images with near-instant response.

    Wide viewing angle

    The display panel's extra-wide viewing angle allows everyone in the room to enjoy an uncompromised visual experience, wherever they're standing.

    Flexible installation to suit any space

    The slim, light, borderless Micro LED panels are easy to install without needing special skills or complex equipment. Panels can be wall- or floor-mounted to suit any interior, even in curved spaces. Installation doesn't require access behind the cabinets, freeing up more room space.

    Very high brightness with anti-reflection coating

    The high-contrast, low-reflection panel offers a spectacular 1,800 cd/m2 brightness: ideal for high-impact presentations in sunlit corporate lobbies, virtual sets, and production backdrops.

    Under Extraordinary contrast, HDR ready

    Each tiny Micro LED element occupies a small fraction of the mounting area that's black. The result: an extraordinary contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1 that's far greater than conventional LED array systems. 22-bit Super Bit Mapping ensures a smoothly graduated tonal range from deep blacks to bright, sparkling highlights—ideal for presenting HDR (High Dynamic Range) content.

    Smooth, richly realistic color

    The display achieves a wide color gamut and highly realistic tonal reproduction

    Reliable operation; low ownership costs

    Energy-efficient Micro LED panel technology allows a quiet, fanless design with no costly air conditioning needed. Maintenance is simplified with easy front accessibility to reduce ownership costs further

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