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MXT-1000 10.1" Modero® X Series Tabletop Touch Panel, Designed Specifically for Dedicated Room Control

Unique ref.: amx-00119b
Producent.: AMX
Produkt familie: Electronics
Produkt gruppe: Cable Transmission and Reception Control Equipment
Publiceringsdato: 2012-05-01
Versions nummer: 1
Type: Objekt (enkelt objekt)
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The Modero X Series is the most elegant family of interfaces designed specifically for dedicated room control. This new generation of touch panels is built for usability offering edge-to-edge capacitive touch glass with multi-touch capabilities. It features advanced technology empowering users to operate AV equipment seamlessly, while providing the ultimate in audio and video quality. The distinctive appearance will complement even the most sophisticated meeting facilities and homes. With a lightning fast processor, brilliant graphics and enhanced capabilities, the Modero X Series is the control surface that simply delivers more.


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BIMobject kategori: Elektronik - Kommunikation
IFC klassifikation: Electric Distribution
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