5 trends of disruption that will change the industry of construction

Nina Quist - 2017-06-02

“In the coming 10 years, digitalization of the building industry will save between 700 and 1200 billions USD”

We are happy and proud to announce that Emile Hamon, head of strategy and development at Veidekke, will be one of the speakers at BIMobject LIVe 2017 in Malmö, Sweden, October 10-11. He will talk about disruptive trends in the building industry and how companies can and must adapt to the new conditions.

The building industry is facing a major paradigm shift, as a traditionally very hands-on business is quickly turning into an almost entirely digital affair. This evolution is naturally creating a whole range of new challenges, but Emile Hamon stresses that more than anything else, digitalisation is creating enormous opportunities for improvement and optimization.

– According to the Boston Consulting Group, the digitalisation of the construction industry will save between 700 and 1200 billions USD during the next 10 years from now, he says.

In his work at Veidekke, Emile Hamon has identified five disruptive trends that will dramatically change the whole industry of construction. In his speech at BIMobject LIVE 2017 he will examine them in depth, and develop on how companies can not only survive the digital revolution, but thrive on it.

– At Veidekke we are putting a lot of energy into our VDC strategies and our BIM processes, and we have the largest number of VDC-certified in the world.

He predicts that VDC, Virtual Design and Construction, will be one of the most important areas for construction companies to focus on in the near future, and stresses that the potential for saving money and streamlining processes is huge.

– Our goal with VDC is to increase our productivity. Production costs in the construction industry both in terms of pure money and environmental damage, has been growing at a much quicker pace than in other sectors. This is something that can and needs to be stopped, both for the survival of the industry and of the planet.

5 trends of disruption

Advanced geodetics

New technology allows for advanced geodetic measuring, creating entirely new ways of operating and planning.

Seamless flows of information

Uninterrupted flows of information will be key in the future, saving time, money and eliminating a lot of potential mistakes. BIMobject Cloud® is a perfect example, allowing for the use of parametric objects instead of generic ones.

Digital mobility

As all parties involved in the building process are becoming digital, mobility and flexibility will increase with the help of devices like iPads, drones and Ar and VR equipment.

Internet of things

Products are becoming intelligent, making their own decisions and communicating with each other. In the future, smart and connected devices will take on an increasingly important role.


Information flows and logistics as well as the actual building processes on site - everything will become increasingly automated. Very soon a large part of the tasks that are today performed by people, will be performed by robots and computers.

About Veidekke

Veidekke is a Scandinavian construction company building everything from houses and industrial buildings to bridges and tunnels. Veidekke has around 7000 employees based mainly in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and had a turnover of 30,1 billions NOK in 2016.


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