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Arch. Christian Pallaria – BIM Manager/Project Manager

Who is Christian Pallaria?

I have been working as an architect since 2010. My career, dedicated to three-dimensional modeling first and then BIM methodology, started in 2006, before my graduation, when I founded a company of Computer Graphics and rapid prototyping. After graduating in 2010, I decided to undertake a different path, starting my career in an engineering company, where I had the opportunity to experience the approach to BIM design for large infrastructure works. In these 10 years I have worked in an international context (Peru, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, Turkey, Australia and many other countries) and I have been able to learn a lot from different contexts from ours, and being able to compare myself with other realities with different cultures. This aspect has been very useful for me in order to have a wider knowledge about BIM and its evolution in the world.

Back in 2010, we adopted BIM technology for punctual artifacts, such as railways stations or subways emergency/ventilation pits. Since these are entirely similar to buildings, although underground, we have not faced many difficulties.

First problems came when we needed to deal with the design of linear works with softwares like Revit. The aid of Computational Design was thus introduced in order to automate many operations and processes that would have required an infinite amount of time by doing it manually, not even guaranteeing maximum precision. Since then, automation has become a "must", not only for the modeling of the linear elements of the infrastructures (such as tunnels, bridges, viaducts, roads, etc.) but also for the writing and compilation of many parameters of the individual elements. A good example is the automatic compilation of the parameters of different objects contained in the rooms of the model: the code read the name of the object in an excel file and the room in which it was placed, it founded it within the model and wrote within it a set of data that the customer required to have in the model to manage the maintenance of the project during its life cycle.

Why did you join

BIMobject gives you the possibility to have at your disposal an immense catalogue of products, all existing on the market and made with a high level of detail. Moreover, these families are made to perfection, therefore they do not need too much manipulation if not the addition of custom parameters according to the specific requests of the customer.

Having the possibility to download in a few seconds an object already made, existing on the market with its size and real esthetic appearance, is a plus that we can not underestimate even in the infrastructure sector.

The workflow of the computational design used for the modelling of a tunnel and the relative positioning of plants, of which some punctual objects come from BIMobject's library..

How do you use BIMobject?

In preliminary projects I use it just to be able to place the object in the spaces without having doubts about its actual real size. Depending on the need, the same object is hidden in case it is a preliminary phase, and then reactivated in the following phases.

Regarding to the final or constructive design phases, BIMobject becomes an essential support because it really gives the possibility to create a real twin model that faithfully represents what will be realized, especially in terms of facility management through the BIM model.

How does the platform improve your business?

It speeds up the steps of preparation and realization of BIM objects that, otherwise, should be modeled “ad hoc”. The accuracy guaranteed by BIMobject is difficult to be reached if you do not have the data sheets for modeling purposes and, therefore, increasing exponentially the time of realization of the entire model.

What opportunities does BIMobject offer you and what effects do you get out of it?

Surely the times of realization of the model.

Explain how your business can get more sustainable with our platform.

Yes, absolutely. Moreover, with BIMobject you completely forget the old libraries contained in the servers or in the local hard drives of the single PC, with the result that in any place of the world, an internet connection is enough to have the entire library of the platform. We live in an increasingly connected world in which we see a progressive change that will tend not only to abolish paper completely, but also to eliminate local servers replacing them with Data Centers accessible from all over the world. There are already some examples of full BIM projects in which were used in the construction site the digital models and not the paper tables for the realization of the work. This is the road we are going towards and BIMobject perfectly aligns with the future vision of a totally digital world

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