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Behind the download - Giacomo Sirignano, BIM Coordinator

Who is Giacomo Sirignano?

I graduated as a Building Engineer-Architect in 2017. I have used BIM processes since my university days on didactic projects and I have collaborated with various studies on small and large projects. Since 2018 I work at CMB Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti in Carpi and I am working as BIM Coordinator to follow the constructive design of the New Hospital in Pordenone. CMB Carpi, is a general contractor that builds hospitals, skyscrapers, infrastructure and residential structures. Starting from 2013, CMB uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools for construction. In July 2019 it became the first Italian construction company to certify its BIM management system with ICMQ.

Why designing in BIM is more efficient?

Designing in BIM has many advantages, especially with the virtualization of the construction site since it is possible to prevent errors and, consequently, to prevent unforeseen costs which would be difficult to find with traditional design. BIM also improves the understanding of design among all the actors involved using collaborative platforms.

How do you use BIMobject?

Thanks to the large amount of objects present in the portal, BIMobject is useful to have the exact characteristics and properties of what will be installed, not only in the graphic field but mainly intended as information content. In the engineering phase of the executive project, according to the supplies chosen, the project is enriched with the elements and objects that will actually be mounted in reality. BIMobject allows me to reduce the time related to the creation of a model as faithful as possible to reality, implementing both geometric and informative modeling.

Explain how your business can get more sustainable with our platform.

BIM is very useful for environmental sustainability as it allows you to recreate multiple scenarios through computers, always choosing the most appropriate ones. The use of an online portal containing various products and the consequent download avoids the printing of the catalogues, the shipment of the same and or CD with consequent reductions of environmental impact. Bimobject coincides exactly with the future (not so far) vision of a digital world.

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