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Behind the download - Giulia Minini, MEP Coordinator

Who is Giulia Minini?

I have a university degree in Architecture, even though during my university years I have always been more inclined to technical subjects. After the Master that certified me as BIM Specialist I finally discovered my passion for the world of plant engineering and, from here, I started to collaborate with design studios. The construction site of Gioia 22, in Milan, represented my baptism in the field of plant engineering; above all I had the opportunity to make the most of the BIM methodology, pushing the quality of modeling and the elaboration of families. I currently work at Sismofire Engineering; a fire design company where I’m growing as a technician and BIM Coordinator. We are currently developing and implementing the standards of study, especially to better manage the construction phase and As built.

Why designing in BIM is more efficient for the MEP industry?

The BIM methodology is a breakthrough, especially in the MEP field, as it is a valid element of control and management of resources, both economic and temporal, as well as a support in the construction phase and during the shipbuilding. A model that arrives at the site with the right LOD (Level of Detail), therefore with the actual dimensions of the components, and free from interference with other systems, as well as architectural and construction, is a solid reference for the workers. The computation part that can be extrapolated using BIM methodology is an additional control tool not to be underestimated.

How do you use BIMobject?

I use the BIMobject library mostly in the preliminary and executive design phases because it speeds up the modeling, especially since in these phases you do not have the technical data sheets necessary for the development of any families. The platform provides a large number of products, usually known on the market, which makes the model detailed and complete at every stage. The families are also made up of many information parameters that I consider useful during modeling and material extraction and that open the field to various opportunities for use. BIMobject certainly helps me with the optimization of working time and the control of some of the products that are currently on the market and that designers use for the most.

Explain how your business can get more sustainable with our platform.

For sure a constantly accessible platform, with a simple connection and wherever you are, contributes to environmental sustainability. Just think of the great "energy saving" that is obtained by partially or completely abolishing the printing of printed catalogs.

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