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House of the Future - contest

SunRoof, an international start-up developing solar roofs and smart energy management solutions, has teamed up with BIMobject, the owner of the largest parametric objects platform, to hold a prestigious, international competition: "House of the Future. Best SunRoof Project 2020. Designing the House of the Future with a SunRoof solar roof using BIMobject". This is an opportunity for architects around the world to promote their visionary designs of houses which utilise innovative technologies to overcome the challenges of climate change.

House design and construction is a process which requires great skill, but also an innovative approach. The House of the Future is most importantly a smart house – one which automatically reacts to changing external conditions. A well-designed house makes use of the conditions it finds itself in: wind, light, natural heat, etc., to heat the interior at night, prevent overheating on hot days and generate energy from the Sun.

Submissions should take advantage of the new possibilities offered by solar roofs in relation to aesthetics and green construction. Solar roofs offer the possibility of combining solar energy with smart home systems and electromobility, regardless of whether you prefer to use tried-and-true solutions or to take advantage of new technologies.

At SunRoof, we believe that the way forward is architecture utilising sustainable energy solutions. We inspire others to build an ecological future, and we appreciate architects who boldly incorporate environmental friendliness in their designs. We want to reward such brilliant designers for taking on the challenges of today - says Lech Kaniuk, CEO of SunRoof.
Combining SunRoof solar roofs with BIM methodology results in a bespoke sustainable solution. Designing with BIM allows the architect to detect errors and collisions even at the simulation stage, which helps avoid unforeseen material and energy losses. This is why tapping the potential of this technology now is so important - says Maciej Olczyk, Project Manager at BIMobject.

Stefan Gullgren, the Ambassador of Sweden to Poland, has taken honorary patronage of the competition. SunRoof has its roots in Sweden, and Scandinavia supports Poland's energy transformation, which is why this international project perfectly fits the joint efforts of our countries towards carbon neutrality.

The designs will be assessed by an international jury of experts comprising Lech Kaniuk (SunRoof), Maciej Olczyk (BIMobject), world-class architect Mokena Makeka (Makeka Designworks), Natalia Chylińska (Builder Polska), Weronika Konior (Architektura-murator), Krzysztof Sołoducha (Sztuka Architektury) and Michał Pierzchalski (

The competition is dedicated to professionals and to young architects taking their first steps in the industry. Designs featuring exceptional technical skill, visuals and aesthetics will be selected, and the winners can expect prizes worth up to 4000 euro.

Submission deadline is 30 November 2020. Media patronage is by Builder Polska, Architektura Murator monthly, and

For more information and the rules, see


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