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Interview with Arch. Eva Merenda

Give us a little information about yourself

I’m Eva Merenda and I graduated with honors in 2015. While working on my thesis I approached the use of BIM attending a course on Revit Architecture software. I then deepened the issues related to integrated design through the BIM methodology - which is now the new way of thinking about architecture and engineering - attending the master "BIM Methods, Models and Applications" at the Politecnico di Milano. During this experience I started to concretely apply what I learned after working for two years at Progetto CMR where I have been involved in projects both in Italy and abroad, from preliminary to executive design.

I currently work as BIM Coordinator for the Construction industry in Alpina S.p.A., where I have to deal not only with design, but also on expanding and implementing the BIM structure of the company.

Every single project gets started through the use of this methodology in every design phase, also for the Construction Management; such as the Pool designed for BNP Paribas in Milan in the Moscova area, in the image below.

Why did you join BIMobject?

I choose to use BIMobject to characterize my design projects with furniture elements and define the layout of every space according to their function, such as for offices and public spaces, as it happened with the executive project of the Hirpinia Passenger Station designed for Consorzio Hirpinia AV Napoli-Bari, of which we see a detailed image.

How do you use BIMobject?

I use BIMobject to download BIM families with the relative technical information.

How does the platform improve your business?

BIMobject is very useful to my work because it gives me the possibility to download models that really exist on the market and that contain a series of technical information useful for the design.

What opportunities does BIMobject offer you and what effects do you get out of it?

The main opportunity offered by BIMobject is certainly the wide variety of BIM models offered and their level of detail. It is possible to quickly design a space in order to have a clear idea of the final impact and to produce attractive images for the clients. This is the case of the Citizen’s Space project for the JRC (Joint Research Center) in Ispra of the European Community; of which we see a detailed view.

Explain how your business can get more sustainable with our platform.

Yes, because its variety of models allows you to save time while searching for a performing Revit family and because, being an online archive, does not make it necessary to download entire furniture libraries, but only those we need; saving a lot of space on the computer server.

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