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Interview with Roberta Cecchi – BIM and Project Manager

Give us a little information about yourself

I graduated in 2003 at the University of Florence and, before and after graduation, I collaborated with several architects and design companies as a freelancer, until 2012 when I founded with a colleague the studio Archi+ in the province of Pisa.

I have been using 3D design since college and I have more than ten years of experience in BIM softwares, both for small and large projects. I have held different roles over the years, from BIM and Project Manager (of which I have both Certifications) to BIM Coordinator.

In the latest years me and my studio are increasingly dealing with the integrated BIM design for maintenance (FM), especially when designing plant engineering for industrial buildings, hospitals and schools.

Why did you join BIMobject?

I have started using BIMobject since the beginning because having real products to put inside the models, such as those found in the manufacturers’ catalogues, is a big help when designing and budgeting.

Furthermore, referring to the Facility Management I am working on, it is very important to already have inside the objects all the specifications that can be recalled during the maintenance. BIM objects are extremely useful for that. I hope that more and more companies will decide to make their products in BIM and especially in the IFC open format, so that we can use them with any software.

How do you use BIMobject?

I use the platform very often, especially to search and find highly technical objects such as elements for plants, windows, skylights, doors, etc.  More rarely for purely furnishing objects. I think that the plugin within the BIM software is very useful, but often it comes more natural to connect to the BIMobject platform via web browser.

How does the platform improve your business?

Finding an object, which I need to put in a project, ready and available on BIMobject is a considerable help and a considerable saving of time. Without mentioning that in BIM, more than the graphic aspect for rendering, it is important that the size of the object, the encumbrance, are correct.

What opportunities does BIMobject offer you and what effects do you get out of it?

In addition to giving a considerable help in increasing the speed of design, BIMobject also allows you to compare products of various companies, some perhaps less known but, for the same technical characteristics, equally good.

Explain how your business can get more sustainable with our platform.

BIM is essential for the environmental sustainability, because it allows you to simulate multiple situations by choosing the best one in terms of savings, not only energy. Furthermore, checking products online and the subsequent download avoids first of all printing tons of catalogues, the shipment of CDs with objects inside. Which were habits we used to have just few years ago. In the end, digital brings people together and offers the opportunity to collaborate online with other designers, even at a distance of miles, make revisions and coordinate projects avoiding long trips to meet each other.

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