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ASSA ABLOY HS8010PL high speed door

Unique ref.: cra_8010_pl
Marke: ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems
Produkt Familie: High speed door
Produkt Gruppe: Outside door
Publishing Datum: 2017-08-29
Versionsnummer: 1
Typ: Objekt (Einzelobjekt)
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The ASSA ABLOY HS8010PL from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is designed for exterior openings in large-sized heavy-duty operations. It protects your environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. With fast opening and closing speed, the door improves your traffic flow, provides employee comfort, and saves energy.


The HS8010PL is designed for exterior openings in medium-sized heavy-duty operations.
Unique door drive technology – a gear driven system consisting of a pinion on the drive shaft that forces the lateral retaining straps up or down and contains no ballast in the door curtain or tension straps.
Unique side column technology provides excellent seal on all 4 sides thereby reducing heat loss.
The speed of opening is up to up to 0,8 m/s depending on size of door.
The speed of closing is 0,4 m/s.
The door design withstands overpressure or underpressure in specific areas.
Photocells in side columns.
Dimensions: Min: 5500 mm x 2000 mm, Max: 9000 mm x 5500 mm
Wind load resistance : (EN 12424) Class 2 (450 Pa (N/m²), (EN 12424) Class 3 (700 Pa (N/m²) for doors up to W 6000 mm x H 5500 mm
Water penetration (EN 12425) Class 1, (30 Pa (N/m²) 15 minutes water spray
Air permeability (EN 12426) Class 1 (24 m³/m²/h at 50 Pa)
Thermal transmittance (EN 12428) 6,02 W/(m²K)
Temperature working range: -20 °C to +40 °C
Door curtain 900 g/m² colored PVC, material thickness: 0,8 mm
Flexible door curtain without ridged parts.
Flexible soft bottom edge including wireless edge activator.
Break-away and self-repair function.
The door curtain is available in 8 standard colors.
Optional window (640 x 580), Material PVC, material thickness 2.0mm
The motor with frequency converter guarantees smooth and reliable operation.
Soft start/stop significantly prolongs motor lifespan.
Operator 400V 3-phase 1,5 kW 3 x 16A
Operator protection: IP65
Control unit with display, impulse Up and Down buttons, an emergency stop mushroom button and a mechanical main switch.
Control unit protection: IP54
Lifetime expectations: 750.000 cycles
Optional color for drum cover, side column cover and motor cover

Material 1:
Material 2:
Designed in: Sweden
Hergestellt in: Sweden

BIMobject Kategorie: Türen - Industrietore
IFC Klassifikation: Door
UNSPSC Name: Doors
UNSPSC Code: 301715
Uniclass 1.4 Code: JL20
Uniclass 1.4 Beschreibung: Doors
Uniclass 2.0 Code: PR-59-23-38
Uniclass 2.0 Beschreibung: High Speed Doorsets
NBS Reference Code: 59-23-38
NBS Reference Beschreibung: High Speed Doorsets
Dieses Produkt ist verfügbar in:
  • Denmark

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