Red Pressed Facing Brick

Red Pressed Facing Brick

The pressing process involves crushing the clay between two facing presses, which force it into a mold in the shape of the final unit. The press surfaces are in relief to produce raised and sunken areas in the units. The outer shape of the unit produced therefore depends on the mold cavity. Facing bricks manufactured by pressing a mixture of clays and water. After drying off the water added for the extrusion, the bricks are fired in an oxidizing atmosphere in a Tunnel Kiln. Each model is burned at its own optimal firing temperature (always >1000º C). Due to the carbonate content in the clay, the suction (initial rate of water absorption) of these products is greater than 0.10 gr/cm2 minute. To avoid having to wet the bricks before they are laid (a necessary, although not always applied, measure with suction of over 0.10 gr/cm2 minute), they are there forewaterproofed by immersion or soaking with a silicon compound after leaving the kiln and before being packed. This treatment improves their layability, facilitates cleaning and keeps wall attractive and free from contamination over a long period of time.
  • Available sizes (mm): 200X100X50
Technische Spezifikation
  • ReferenznummerLadrillo-Caravista-Prensado-Rojo
  • ProduktfamilieLadrillo Caravista / Facing Brick
  • ProduktgruppePressed Facing Brick/Ladrillo Prensado
  • TypObjekt (Einzelobjekt)
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum2019-08-01
  • Editionsnummer1
  • Höhe (mm)50
  • Breite (mm)200
  • Tiefe (mm)100
  • HauptmaterialKeramik
  • Sekundär MaterialMauerwerk
  • Entwickelt inSpanien
  • Hergestellt inSpanien
  • Nettogewicht (kg)1.85
  • BIMobject KategorieBaumaterialien - Mauerwerkssteine und -Blöcke
  • IFCClassificationWand
  • UNSPSCNameCeramic bricks
  • UNSPSCCode30131602
  • Classifications.Uniclass2015CodePr_20_93_52_15
  • Classifications.Uniclass2015BeschreibungClay bricks
  • Klassifizierung04 21 13
  • Format2014TitelBrick Masonry
  • OmniClassNummer23-13 21 19 13
  • OmniClassTitelFace Bricks
  • CSIUniFormatIICodeB2010
  • CSIUniFormatIITitleExterior Walls