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Onduline Underroofing Sheet DRS BT- SC 220

Unique ref.: DRS-BT_SC-220
Marke: Onduline
Produkt Familie: Onduline Bajo Teja DRS
Produkt Gruppe: Placas sueltas
Breite (mm): 970
Höhe (mm): 2000
Tiefe (mm): 2.6
Publishing Datum: 2017-12-25
Versionsnummer: 1
Typ: Objekt (Einzelobjekt)
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Onduline® Underroofing is a waterproofing system for roofs that guarantees total weather tightness (30-year guarantee), even in low-pitched roofs (min. 10% pitch). In addition, the corrugation of the sheets provides ventilation channels that prevent roof condensation and damp.

Onduline® Underroofing sheet DRS BT-200 is suitable for roofs with:
  • Curved roof tiles (Spanish) with widths over 22cm.

Material 1: Cellulose
Material 2: Asphalt
Designed in: Spain
Hergestellt in: Spain
Gewicht (kg): 5.6

BIMobject Kategorie: Konstruktionselemente - Dachelemente
IFC Klassifikation: Roof
UNSPSC Name: Roofing materials
UNSPSC Code: 301515
Uniclass 1.4 Code: L52
Uniclass 1.4 Beschreibung: Roof coverings, claddings, linings
Uniclass 2.0 Code: EE-20-10
Uniclass 2.0 Beschreibung: Roofs
NBS Reference Code: 20-10
NBS Reference Beschreibung: Roofs
Dieses Produkt ist verfügbar in:
  • Italy