VELFAC 200 ENERGY Sandwich Panel

VELFAC 200 ENERGY Sandwich Panel

Plain sash / frame function in continuous or fixed element. Only fyldingstype that can be integrated into a framework that can be opened, for example in the bottom of the patio doors. Consists of a frame with the same appearance as a window. The frame is fitted with a panel consisting of two aluminum or laminate-plates with PUR foam in the center. Available with energy glazing.
Technische Spezifikation
  • Referenznummer200-energy-sp
  • ProduktfamilieV200 ENERGY
  • Produktgruppe201i ENERGY
  • TypObjekt (Einzelobjekt)
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum2016-03-02
  • Editionsnummer1
  • HauptmaterialAluminium
  • Sekundär MaterialAluminium
  • Entwickelt inDänemark
  • Hergestellt inDänemark
  • BIMobject KategorieWände - Sandwichpaneele
  • IFCClassificationWand