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Walkway and stepover Platform 3mtr straigth with railing | YETI rooftop walkway and stepover

Walkway and stepover Platform 3mtr straigth with railing | YETI rooftop walkway and stepover

Free standing and non-penetrating stepover platform module short with railing to build pathways or crossovers around installations on flat and low pitched roofs. Pre-engineered Modular system composed with BIS RapidStrut® fixing rail system standing on BIS Yeti® feet equiped with non-slip anti-vibration mat to distribute load safely on roof layers. BIS Yeti® foot 480 is adjustable up to 7° to compensate for roof pitch, 360º rotatable insert for BIS RapidStrut® 41x41 or DS 5 and resistant to UV and chemical influences. BIS Yeti® foot 480 / 335 is sound certified at SG Bauakustik and UV-resistance certified by ITB. Complete solution provides very high corosion resistance against C4 environment (BUP1000 = BIS Ultra Protect®, 1000 hours resistance in salt spray test acc. EN-ISO 9227). All designs are made with respect to EN 14122.

  • BIS RapidStrut®: 
    Surface treatment: part of the BIS UltraProtect® 1000 system; suitable for in- and outdoor applications; stands min. 1,000 hours salt spray test (max. 5% red rust) according to ISO 9227.
    Quality mark: tested for fire safety (41x41x2.5mm and above).
    Approval: RAL-GZ 655. 

    BIS Yeti®: 
    Material: mouldings made of WPC, a composite of recycled plastic and wood fibre.
    Max. allowed load (Fz): 20,000N (Strut 41x41x2.5).
    Max. allowed load (Fz2): 30,000N (Strut DS 5).
    Max. allowed moment (My): 200.0Nm.


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Technische Spezifikation
  • Referenznummerrooftop-walkway-yeti-pswr-L300
  • KollektionsreihenRoof Support
  • KollektionRooftop Stepovers & Walkways
  • TypMontage (mehrere Objekte)
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum2021-02-23
  • Editionsnummer1
  • Höhe (mm)1
  • Breite (mm)1000
  • Tiefe (mm)3000
  • HauptmaterialStahl
  • Sekundär MaterialPlastik
  • Nettogewicht (kg)1
  • BIMobject KategorieKonstruktionselemente - Dachzubehör
  • IFCClassificationDach
  • OmniClassTitelCustomized Rooftop Air Handling Units
  • OmniClassNummer23-33 25 13 13