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Configurable Objects

Stay in top form with configurable objects.

It takes knowledge to win. And we want you to win right from the start. Let’s work together to increase your understanding of configurable objects and the evolutionary BIMobject process used to create them. So just what is a configurable object? This is a digital model of an object or product that can be configured using specific options provided by the manufacturer. Take for example a porcelain toilet. You can choose the style, color, lever design, handsfree and traditional or dual flush. A specifier should be able to obtain the product configuration regardless if it’s a parametric file type or not. 

Confronting the challenge. 

The one problem to address when creating configurable objects is how they are created and what file type(s) make sense. For parametric-rich models, it’s easy to build all the formats and enable the model to change intelligently. But what about non-parametric files? It’s not very efficient to create hundreds of digital combinations when at best just a handful will actually be used. Sometimes only a single model is available, then users find themselves having to specify the options and input them within the project specifications. This is time-consuming and laborious.  

An enormously scalable solution.

At BIMobject, we’ve developed a proprietary process that delivers any available configuration by the manufacturer for parametric files, but creates non-parametric files as well. We’ve combined a unique plug-in for Rhinoceros called BIMscript. This scripting language is based on the C++ programming. It gives developers the tools needed to create a parametric model for multiple BIM and non-BIM systems simultaneously. 10 different file types altogether. For non-parametric models—DWG, OBJ and FBX—a configurator works with the uploaded BIMscript file. Users can configure their product within a preview found on the manufacturer’s product page and then export that configuration on demand. This happens within the BIMobject Cloud. It takes the data from the parametric model—which was created by the developer—configures it in the Cloud based upon the request and generates the file type. Instant gratification.    

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