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Textile flooring creator

We had a chat with Audrey Chanvril, Prescription Manager at Balsan, a textile floor manufacturer. She shared with us her vision of the group's BIM commitment.

Audrey, can you introduce the Balsan group in a few words?

Balsan is a French manufacturer of the textile strip and tile floors with production plants in the heart of Berry in the Indre, near Châteauroux. Balsan, founded in 1751, is the French specialist in textile floor coverings and manufactures carpets in tiles and rolls for various markets such as tertiary and commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants, cinemas, not forgetting the residential sector.

As a specifier, I bring creative and decorative solutions to our Parisian promoters, architects, planners, and design offices, thanks to a wide range of products and colours.

Balsan is made up of 220 employees, the majority of whom are based in France - between the production, administrative and sales teams. I don't forget my colleagues abroad who generate nearly 45% of the turnover. 

Balsan products are used in a variety of fields, both in new construction and renovation projects for collective and tertiary housing.
Our clients are public and private project owners, project management, general contractors, installation companies, and the network of professional distributors. 

Why did Balsan decide to adopt a BIM approach? 

Balsan has been actively involved in the BIM approach since 2019. There are many reasons for this. 

First of all, BIM is a working tool for the future in which Balsan believes very strongly. We want to offer our specifier customers the possibility of working on their projects upstream with our products, making it easier to integrate them into their projects. BIM is the perfect expression of the evolution of the design and construction professions and we want to be associated with it. In addition to providing technical and decorative solutions, our products are designed and manufactured in France, and we know how sensitive our customers are to this. The Balsan organization, with its sales force, customer service, and factories, is tailored to meet the needs of both specifiers and companies and to ensure the proper follow-up of large projects. 

What BIM challenges did you face? 

Creating and updating BIM objects is very time consuming and resources had to be put in place to do so. Fortunately, we already had a lot of elements in place following the recent redesign of our website, for which many elements had been grouped together. Our Marketing department was very responsive. 

Externally, our challenge is to make our customers aware of this new opportunity to integrate our products into their projects and we must boost our communication efforts to inform and support them. 

What are your main motivations for having BIM objects? 

Balsan has always been a forerunner in its field and we think it's important to keep up with market trends and working methods. The digital revolution doesn't stop there and the construction industry is taking a new turn with BIM. 

Giving our customers and specifiers the right products and tools to work with is one of our priorities. 

BIM objects allow us to integrate all aspects of our references, both decorative, technical, and environmental. We seek to make life easier for our customers by providing them with the right answers. In addition, BIM objects allow quick updates. It is clear that speed and process streamlined will generate savings for everyone. After studying the different possibilities available to us, BIMobject appeared to us as the most used platform adapted to our customers and our geographical coverage

Balsan BIM objects on

The collaboration between Balsan and BIMobject gives us satisfaction. The exchanges are fluid and the BIMobject employees are available. The platform awareness is valuable, as are the development deadlines and the quality of the objects.

What benefits has your company enjoyed by working in BIM? 

Although it's a bit early to answer this question, I think it will allow us to raise awareness of our products and integrate ourselves into a wider range of projects. 

Explore Balsan at BIM World Paris? 

As a newcomer to the BIMobject platform, participating in BIM World this year will give us the opportunity to communicate our presence. It will also be interesting to get direct feedback from our users in order to make the necessary additions or improvements. 

Balsan's showroom in Paris

Visit the Balsan website to find out all about the world and collections of this textile floor manufacturer. 

Browse the 36 Balsan product families available on the BIMobject platform


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