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What is BIMobject Hercules?

Colin Ingram - 2018-10-19

BIMobject® Hercules is a cloud solution for large companies to develop, organise, structure, standardise and manage their own BIM objects, and also publish and syndicate these in a controlled way to project groups anywhere in the world. In this video, Matthew Jacksson talks about the benefits of this solution.

Cloud-based content management

Hercules provides a cloud-based content management solution to support digital construction. It is intended for contracting, construction, consultancy and architecture companies to manage and control their BIM content in a cloud-based environment, allowing thousands of users to share the same BIM content.

Platform as a service

Hercules has been developed as a platform and is an integrated part of the BIMobject Cloud. It enables companies to self-manage an extensive range of BIM content including documentation, CAD files and BIM objects, and to have a Single Source of Truth, version handling, structured data, support for languages and various classification systems.


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