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What Is BIMscript®?!

You might be asking "So what exactly is BIMscript?", "What does it do?", "Why should I care?", and most importantly, "How do you get it?". In this article, we’re going to answer all these questions.

So what exactly is BIMscript?

BIMscript is a scripting language developed by BIMobject® to give users the right tools for the creation of parametric BIM objects.  BIMscript offers a smooth transition from mechanical CAD to intelligent BIM objects in a cloud-based environment.       

The BIMobject BIMscript plugin works as an authoring app for use with the mechanical 3D CAD system Rhinoceros, which in turn generates BIMscript (scripting language).  Using this CAD data as raw material, BIMscript allows you to create your own digital building objects in multiple formats.

BIMscript is such a powerful scripting language that not only lets the user create parametric behaviors but calculations and product specific logic as well.  Of course, BIMscript also supports different levels of detail with several levels of geometric complexity and combinations alongside a whole range of other properties and attributes.

What does it do?

Now that you know a little about BIMscript let’s talk about how it works.  As mentioned earlier, BIMscript is a plugin app for Rhinoceros. This means that you can use the feature-rich set of modeling tools found in Rhinoceros to create your object and infuse it with parametric properties through scripting with BIMscript processing the file through BIMobject’s cloud-based environment.   The resulting solution allows for mechanical CAD geometry to be imported from most mechanical CAD systems, including industry-leading products such as CATIA, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, IGES, NX, JT, Inventor, and Pro E.

Why should you care?

What you get after the object comes out of our cloud environment are 9 different file formats of the same object to be used among several BIM platforms such as Revit, ARCHICAD, Vectorworks and SketchUp.  You also get the other following formats: IFC, DWG (2D), DWG (3D), OBJ, STL (for 3d printing) and FBX (AR and VR format). This allows you to reach a larger audience because we all know that everyone has their favorite software that they like to work in.  The best part is, if you have to make an edit at any time, just make the adjustment to the Rhino file, send it back to the cloud and all 9 files will get updated. No need to make edits in each platform, no need to be an “expert” in all the software packages. This process will save time and eliminate the need to invest in multiple software solutions.

The generation of the objects through BIMscript requires a product page for it to be associated with and hosted on.  These product pages include information about the product as well as some performance specifications. The data found on the product pages can be added to the generated BIM object on demand via BIMobject’s other apps.  In order to create and access product pages, there must be a publishing agreement in place between the product manufacturer and BIMobject. This publishing agreement allows the manufacturer to create product pages and host content on BIMobject.  Content developers don’t need this but if they are working with a manufacturer it should be part of the discussion, and the manufacturer can work with BIMobject directly to get that started.

What does this all mean? It means that as a content developer you can offer your customers a robust solution to creating their content by being able to provide 9 native file formats vs the 1 format using conventional methods.  If you work for a product manufacturer, it means that you’ll be able to provide enough formats to reach a broader audience to consume your product.

How do I become a BIMscript Accredited Content Developer?  

In order to get started you’ll need a copy of Rhinoceros (64bit version is needed for BIMscript), a copy of BIMscript (which is free to use - no license required) and BIMobject publishing agreement between the manufacturer and BIMobject.  You’ll also need to go through the accreditation program which can either be self-paced through our online academy or through one of our onsite sessions. Just visit or email the team at for more information about the academy, onsite training sessions and BIMscript in general along with a download link.


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