Fire safety products Sounders

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The family includes three sounder types with a number of products:

  • FNM-420U Sounders, uninterruptible (FNM-420U-A-WH, FNM-420U-A-RD, FNM-420U-B-RD)
  • FNM-420-B-RD Sounder Outdoor, Red (FNM-420-B-RD)
  • FNM-420-A Sounder Indoor (FNM-420-A-WH, FNM-420-A-RD)

FNM-420U Sounders, uninterruptible:
Sounder for uninterruptible alarm signaling at the location of a fire, for indoor and outdoor areas

FNM-420-B-RD Sounder Outdoor:
analog addressable stand-alone sounder for outdoor use, red

FNM-420-A Sounder Indoor:
analog addressable stand-alone sounder for indoor use

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