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MET-7X Metreau® 7-Button Ethernet Expansion Keypad

Unique ref.: amx-00170
Brand: AMX
Product family: Electrical
Product group: General Purpose Controls
Date of publishing: 2016-09-16
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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The MET-7X Metreau 7-Button Expansion Keypad connects to any adjacent Metreau Ethernet Keypad (MET-6NE, MET-7E or MET-13E) via ribbon-cable to add additional control points in the same location.

Ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, residences or hotels that require multiple adjacent control points.


  • Simple Connection - Connect up to three keypads with one IP address to optimize the room’s network design
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Compatible - The Expansion Keypad receives power from the Metreau Ethernet Keypad it is connected to (options include MET-6NE, MET-7E and MET-13E) via the ribbon cable

NOTE: Keypad wallplates not included. See ALD-CW-1, ALD-CW-2, ALD-CW-3.

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BIMobject Category: Electrical - Controls
IFC classification: Electric Distribution
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North America
  • United States