WV-CP284 Day/Night Surveillance Camera

WV-CP284 Day/Night Surveillance Camera

Panasonic WV-CP284 1/3" Color High Resolution Camera with Adaptive Black Stretch and Day/Night Function, 540 Lines - AC/DC
Adaptive Black Stretch DSP
There's nothing more frustrating than having an image of a person or object but not being able to identify it because it's either too dark or completely washed out. This is where Adaptive Black Stretch comes into play. Instead of correcting one at the expense of the other, ABS uses an elaborate algorithm to perfectly expose overly bright or overly dark areas without interfering with unaffected portions of the image. The result is a well defined image with a proper balance of dark and bright.
Day/Night Function
In order to provide the best possible image quality day and night and in poorly lit areas, this camera auto switches from color to an ultra light sensitive B/W mode when illumination levels fall.
Electronic Light Control (ELC)
For those looking to use an inexpensive fixed iris lens with this auto iris capable camera, do not despair. This camera comes equipped with an Electronic Light Control, which acts sort of like an artificial auto iris function. While not as efficient as an auto iris lens, ELC effectively does the basic job of electronically maintaining visible images in changing light conditions.

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Technical specification
  • Unique ref.panasonic-211
  • Collection setElectronics
  • CollectionCameras
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2013-04-30
  • Edition number1
  • BIMobject CategoryElectronics - Security, Cameras & Accessories