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larcore®A2 specials Anodized Art Nouveau Gold HideTech® PLUS system

Unique ref.: larcoreA2specialsAnodizedArtNouveauGold
Brand: Alucoil
Product family: Honeycomb panel
Product group: larcore® A2 specials
Date of publishing: 2012-05-05
Edition number: 2
Type: Object (single object)
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Produced through a unique worldwide continuous manufacturing process, larcore ® A2 honeycomb panel offer outstanding properties compared to traditional architectural materials.

With a constant high quality guarantee, larcore ® A2 honeycomb panel is able to be produced in big pieces up to 2 meters width by 15 meters length.

Thanks to the unique aluminium honeycomb core, larcore ® A2 reduces incredibly the weight of the façade, provides an amazing rigidity and it is A2 fire rated.

Constructive system for ventilated façade formed by honeycomb larcore® specials panels by Alucoil®, protected by double edge closure.

larcore® specials A2 14mm is a multilayer material, fabricated by industrial process based on sticking 2 aluminum sheets 0’7mm thick EN AW 5005-H43 alloy, according to EN 485-2 standard, on both sides of honeycomb core which cell size is ¼” 50 microns foil EN AW 3005-H19 alloy, 14mm total thickness. External finish is applied by a Coil-Coating process from HQP 25µ quality to 3 layered PVDf 35µ 70% Kynar 500. Panel would be delivered with 100µ microns film so external surface is protected and proper finish is ensured during its handling and placement on site. Protective primer is applied on the inner face. Classified A2-s1, d0 on fire behavior according to UNE-EN 13501-1 standard. Panels would be halogen free and other components that might contain sulfur, mercury, asbestos or other dangerous substances.

HIDETECH® PLUS system by Alucoil®, with ETA certificate n°16/0274 of 10/05/2016, consisting in hanging panels on a principal substructure using punctual fixings (‘packs’), that allow tridimensional regulation of ± 20mm. Once every pack is fixed and placed, panels, with hanging pieces riveted on their inner face, are placed against the packs. PVC grey rubbers would be included in hanging pieces to ensure an accurate adjustment and to prevent any vibration or noise. Every system piece is machined using aluminum black lacquered profiles EN AW 6106 T6 alloy. External skin would be 30mm larger than the inner one and the core (both routed previously), so it could be folded on panel thickness and folded and riveted against inner skin to achieve mechanical fixation of every panel layer. Fold on panel thickness has a slight slope towards the inner face to avoid dust on panel visible face. System screws will be A2 stainless steel, and every rivet body and mandrel –those to fix the hanging pieces to the panel and those to ensure the double edge closure – would be A2 stainless steel.

Fixing points would ensure that elasticity limit would not be exceeded by any piece on the system, and they would allow façade ventilation leaving, at least, 40mm ventilated chamber. Installation company must provide air movement calculation, and specify chamber partitions, if any. Panels would be measured under stress and deflection criteria, where specific calculation would be a must, attending to different considerations compiled on standards in force. Calculations would be provided by Alucoil® using specific software developed by CARTIF and approved by TECNALIA, according to ETA. System allows and controls material dilations, and transfers external loads to inner resistant support. Technical report would be handled at the end of the project, with detailed construction process, where every calculation and material guarantee needed would be included.

Material main: Aluminium
Material secondary: Aluminium
Designed in: Spain
Manufactured in: Spain

BIMobject Category: Walls - Cladding
IFC classification: Building Element
UNSPSC name: Exterior finishing materials
UNSPSC code: 3015
Uniclass 1.4 Code: JH15
Uniclass 1.4 Description: Rainscreen cladding/overcladding
Uniclass 2.0 Code: PR-45-47-04
Uniclass 2.0 Description: Aluminium Composite Material (Acm) Panels
NBS Reference Code: 45-47-04
NBS Reference Description: Aluminium Composite Material (Acm) Panels