System pro E® energy M

The comprehensive System pro E® energy range is ideally suited for commercial and industrial environments. The platform includes wall-mounted and floor-standing sheets steel cabinets, offering protection degrees against dust and water up to IP43 and IP55. A common interior fitting and busbars for the complete platform, allows the users to easily integrate all types of ABB low voltage electrical devices, to build distribution panels up to 800A.

The range has been developed for simple and easy configuration and provides maximum flexibility to the panel builder and installer, to build the distribution board for any application. System pro E® energy is simple in planning, quick in assembly and safe in application.

The System pro E® energy range includes two types of cabinets and one internal configuration system.

System pro E® energy M
Monoblock cabinet with attachable side panels, available in both configurations: wall-mounted and floor-standing. System pro E® energy M sub distribution boards provide a protection degree up to IP55 (IP30 without the door).
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