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Tigerwood Decking
Tigerwood Decking

    Tigerwood Decking

    Tigerwood (also known as Goncalo Alves... click here to read more) is one of the finest quality hardwoods available that features a unique light golden-brown to reddish-brown coloring with exotic black and brown streaks.. Tigerwood is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is the third hardest decking we sell, and offers a 30+ year lifespan without preservatives! 

    Our Tigerwood Decking is responsibly harvested from managed forest to provide a truly renewable resource. Tigerwood has many benefits over teak and is available at a fraction of the cost. We ship our Tigerwood decking products direct to your home or job site.

    • Tigerwood Decking Specs

      Botanical Name:  Astronium Fraxinifolium or Astronium Lecointei

      Common Name:  Tigerwood

      Other Common Names:  Brazilian Koa, Zebrawood, Urunday-Para, Mura, Bois De Zebre, Chibatao, Guarita, Aderno, Goncalo Alves

      General Characteristics: Goncalo Alves is reddish-brown in color, richly mottled and with dark brown streaks and spots similar to Rosewood. Grain is irregular, and interlocked with alternating layers of hard and soft wood. Texture is medium. Weight is 59lbs per cu. ft.

      Moisture Content of Decking: Our Tigerwood Decking is specially dried for use on exterior projects.We also sell Tigerwood lumber kiln dried specifically for interior use. DO NOT use kiln dried interior lumber in exterior projects as it will expand.  Tigerwood Decking dried for exterior use will shrink inside.

      Janka side hardness:   2170 lb at 12% moisture content. 

      Bending Strength:   19,285 psi

      Drying: Difficult to dry with strong tendency to warp and check. Should be air dried slowly. Small movement.

      Working Properties:  Has a blunting effect on cutters, use of carbide tipped saw blades is necessary.  Routs nicely.  Must be predrilled for fastening.

      Distribution:  South America

      Durability:  Highly durable. Not subject to beetle attack. Extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

      Uses: High-class furniture and cabinetmaking, fancy goods and decorative work. Excellent for turning. Sliced veneers used in architectural paneling and face veneering.Also used for interior hardwood flooring and exterior decking.

    Technical specification
    • Unique ref.Tigerwood-Decking
    • Product familyWood Decking
    • Product groupTigerwood
    • TypeObject (single object)
    • Date of publishing2020-05-26
    • Edition number1
    • Material mainWood
    • Designed inUnited States
    • Manufactured inUnited States
    • BIMobject CategoryConstruction - Decks, Slabs & Floors
    • IFC classificationFloor
    • UNSPSC nameWood flooring
    • UNSPSC code30161702
    • Uniclass 2015 CodeSs_30_20
    • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionFlooring and decking systems
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code09 64 00
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleWood Flooring
    • OmniClass Number23-15 17 13 11
    • OmniClass TitleWood Flooring

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