12" Poly Balustrade, Large Exterior Railing

This large exterior railing is the biggest system we offer in any material.  It’s massive size works well on the largest commercial or governmental buildings, and large estates.  And unlike many large cast balustrades, Polyurethane railing and balusters are relatively lightweight.  This gives you more options for rooftop balustrade applications, as well as making the installation much easier and more cost effective.

Finding a solution for specifying very large balustrade systems on commercial, governmental, or estate-type projects can be a challenge.  Look no further.  When your project calls for an extremely robust exterior railing system, our 12″ polyurethane balustrade is the answer. 

And builders love the large polyurethane railing systems because they are lightweight, easy to install, and work much like wood.  No special skill is required over the standard carpentry proficiency found on most crews.

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