4-pc 4" Wood Balustrade, Wood Porch Railing

All the spindles, railing, newel posts and hardware needed to complete your 4″ Wood Porch Balustrade.  Choose between the 1 5/8″ and 2 1/2″ wide turned or square balusters.  The 4″ Newel Posts more of the “deck” style.  Choose the 6″ Newel Post for a more robust porch-type railing. 

Like our other wood and polyurethane balustrades, the 4″ Wood Porch Balustrade system has been independently tested, and found to meet and exceed the requirements of applicable building codes.  The test was of a 12′ railing at a 42″ top rail height, and so should cover most any application. 

The 4-piece Porch Rail System includes the top rail, sub-rail, bottom rail, and what we call the skirt piece (which goes immediately under the bottom rail).  This is our best selling setup, and is the right fit for most porches.  It is strong, beautiful, architectural correct, and cost efficient.  It adds 10″ total to the rail system (including a 3″ toe space, or “kick space”).  Our standard spindle heights are designed around this system.  So for a 30″ top rail height, common to old original porches, use a 20″ spindle.  For a 36″ top rail height, which is the most common for residential railings today, use the 26″ spindle.  And for a 42″ top rail height usually found on commercial railings, use the 32″ spindle. 

Our redesigned Rail Installation Kit is a big improvement.  This heart of this kit is the aluminum brackets that mount the railing to newel or other structure.  We have designed this kit in conjunction with the Railing Systems to allow a kit that is nearly invisible when installed, while be strong enough for even 12′ and 42″ high rails.  Also included in the kit are the appropriate screws and bits to complete the installation of a whole section of porch rail.  For stair rail installation kits, specify your rise/run and we’ll custom make the brackets to fit your angle.

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