5-1/2" Poly Balustrade, Exterior Porch Railing5-1/2" Poly Balustrade, Exterior Porch Railing5-1/2" Poly Balustrade, Exterior Porch Railing5-1/2" Poly Balustrade, Exterior Porch Railing5-1/2" Poly Balustrade, Exterior Porch Railing
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5-1/2" Poly Balustrade, Exterior Porch Railing

5 1/2″ Rail with 3 1/2″ Spindles is our most popular synthetic exterior porch railing.  It’s robust but balanced size and curvy look will be the centerpiece of your porch, and your neighborhood for that matter. Appropriate for even the largest of homes, it looks great on mid-size and even smaller porches too.  This porch railing is probably our most versatile size. 

This 5 1/2″ exterior porch railing category has been organized to make it easy to find all the appropriate parts that go together.  The 3 1/2″ spindle is ideal for this balustrade system.  Combine the rail and spindles with a 8″ polyurethane newel post and appropriate hardware.  You should then have everything you need to get your job done efficiently. 

The sections of exterior porch railing come in 8′, 10′, and 12′ lengths.  All our polyurethane porch products can be installed much like you would install a wood railing, with some minor differences.  See our Installation Instructions for a specific porch railing install guide. 

Polyurethane balustrades, sometimes called “composite” railing, is the right choice for porch rails that will be very exposed to the elements.  For example, a widow’s walk or non-covered porch would benefit from the advantages of this synthetic material.  Of course, there’s nothing that says it can’t be used on more sheltered places like a covered porch.  We’ve chosen the polyurethane material specifically because it closely mimics wood.  It has a similar density to a softwood such as cedar or pine.  This is what gives it the authentic feel and look. 

You'll sometimes hear synthetic exterior porch railing referred to as Fypon railing.  Fypon is a brand name of polyurethane.  They are probably the largest brand, but have been bought and sold by big corporations and have outsourced production to China.  We make all our polyurethane products in the USA, which gives us better quality control and more consistent lead times.

  • Synthetic Porch Railing is a low maintenance exterior balustrade option.  Contains an internal PVC pipe for strength & rigidity.  Cut to length just as you would a wood rail.  Support Blocks should be used every 48″ or at mid-span.  Use with our 3 1/2″ wide Poly Spindles. Our “poly” products are made from environmentally friendly water-based High Density Polyurethane (also called urethane, HDP, or simply Poly).  The material is similar in density to a softwood such as white pine.  Unlike PVC or Vinyl, our Poly material looks and feels like authentic wood.  Each pattern is made to exacting dimensions by our staff of Master Patternmakers.  The edges of American Porch polyurethane balustrade products are sharp, clean, and offer the true authentic look and feel of wood.  It comes factory primed with a high emulsion latex paint that can be finish coated with any high quality exterior latex paint. Polyurethane spindles are reinforced with an internal PVC pipe for strength and rigidity.  The rails are reinforced with either a PVC or Aluminum pipe.  Cut our Poly spindles and PVC-reinforced rails using normal woodworking techniques.  For rails with an internal aluminum pipe, a slow speed cutoff saw, a.k.a. multi-cutter, works best. 


    While many of our customers prefer the authenticity of wood, there is no question that urethane products have a few advantages.  Urethane is very low maintenance. The paint is chemically bonded during the molding process which prevents cracking and peeling. An additional primer is applied before shipping all orders. Urethane will not take on moisture, which allows it to withstand the environmental elements. It will not rot and is impervious to insects. Urethane simulates wood, is structurally sound and is the perfect enhancement for any of your building or remodeling projects. American Porch polyurethane balustrade products are made here in the USA.

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  • Date of publishing2020-02-19
  • Edition number1
  • Material mainPolyurethane
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  • UNSPSC nameRails
  • UNSPSC code301031
  • Uniclass 1.4 CodeL4421
  • Uniclass 1.4 DescriptionRailings
  • Uniclass 2.0 CodeSS-25-15-05-05
  • Uniclass 2.0 DescriptionBalustrade And Guarding Systems
  • Uniclass 2015 CodeSs_25_15_60_05
  • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionBalustrade and guarding systems
  • NBS Reference Code25-15-05-05
  • NBS Reference DescriptionBalustrade And Guarding Systems
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code06 63 00
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitlePlastic Railings
  • OmniClass Number23-17 25 11 11 17

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