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HPX-1600 16 Module Retractable Connection Ports, Retractable Cable Connection System Built to Accommodate Connection Needs of Conference and Meeting Room Visitors

Unique ref.: amx-00075
Brand: AMX
Product family: Electronics
Product group: Cable Transmission and Reception Control Equipment
Date of publishing: 2012-05-01
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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HydraPort® is the first completely modular, retractable cable connection system built to accommodate the diverse connection needs of conference and meeting room visitors. This sleek, elegant, ergonomic design features a retractable base station that smoothly rises to expose device connections and recedes back down and conceals the typical cable mess that can distract from the business at hand. All this while each cable stays connected.

Boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms or auditoriums where equipment is permanently installed in the room and users must connect to that equipment from a conference table or lectern


  • Digital Video pass-through modules – individual HDMI and DVI modules
  • RGB+A pass-through module – includes integrated RGB and Audio cables
  • Power Module compatible with India power plugs


  • Completely Two-Faced – To provide easy access, HydraPort is double-sided and each side accommodates 8 A/V or Data modules, 4 Power modules, 2 Keypad modules or any combination of these.
  • More Ways To Enovate – HydraPort incorporates the Enova UPX Transmitters behind the scenes to support the Enova DVX and AVX Presentation Switchers.
  • Elegant and Unassuming – The cable ring allows HydraPort to retract flush with the table once connections have been made without crimping or binding any connected cables. The typical wire mess is concealed.
  • No Electrician Required – The integrated IEC power inlet assembly easily connects to four different power modules providing international power support for virtually every country.
  • Control The Room – Add Metreau or Novara Keypad modules to add device, lighting, shade or climate control as well as initiate pre-programmed events – all from the HydraPort console.
  • Simplifying the Installation – A sturdy, re-usable cutting template and router bits are available to simplify the process of cutting the table or lectern, ensuring a correct fit every time.

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