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Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

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Ultra-Low NOx gas tankless water heaters with condensing technology featuring up to
0.95 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) which lowers operating costs and is environmentally


    The fully modulating, on-demand, condensing gas fired tankless water heater(s) shall be A.O. Smith model CT-199, having a maximum input
    rating of 199,000 Btu/h and available in NG or LP. The heater shall have ¾ in. male NPT water and gas connections. The inlet gas supply
    pressures shall be 4.0 in. WC (min.) up to 10.5 in. WC (max) for NG and 8.0 in. WC (min.) up to 14 in. WC (max.) for LP. The indoor heater(s)
    shall incorporate an integrated temperature controller that will provide diagnostic information, fault history, and heater set temperature. The
    outdoor heater(s) shall be factory supplied with a temperature remote, 100112572, that can be installed up to 400 ft. from the heater using
    18 gauge (minimum) control wire. The temperature remote shall provide diagnostic information, fault history, and heater set temperature. The
    heater(s) shall operate using 120 V / 60 Hz power source. The indoor heater(s) will incorporate a factory installed power cord.
    The indoor heater(s) shall be vented with 3” or 4” diameter schedule 40 PVC, CPVC, ABS, or Category IV vent pipe with a length not to exceed
    70 ft. (equivalent) for 3” vent or 100 ft. (equivalent) for 4” vent, terminating horizontally or vertically. The intake pipe may use material such
    as PVC, ABS, aluminum, or Category IV pipe and cannot exceed 70 ft. (equivalent) for 3” vent or 100 ft. (equivalent) for 4” vent. The outdoor
    heater(s) shall be constructed with an integral exhaust vent on the front of the heater.
    The water heater(s) shall use a commercial-grade copper, fin tube primary heat exchanger with quick release brass or bronze waterways. The
    secondary heat exchanger shall be constructed from stainless steel 316L. The heater(s) shall be controlled by an on-board solid-state printed
    circuit board which uses the following factory installed components: thermistors to monitor water temperature and exhaust temperature; a flow
    sensor to measure flow rate; a flame sensor to monitor combustion; an Air-Fuel Ratio Rod to measure and adjust air input in order to maintain
    optimal combustion efficiency. The heater also consists of in-line fusing and surge absorbers for electrical surge protection, an electronic spark
    igniter, aluminized stainless steel burners, hi-limit temperature switches to monitor water and exhaust temperatures, modulating gas valve,
    dual freeze protection that will automatically fire the heater (indoor model only) and use heating blocks to protect the heat exchanger, and an
    overheat cutoff fuse.
    The heater(s) can manifold to Easy-Link up to 4 heaters to provide additional capacity. The Easy-Link controls shall be built onto the on-board
    solid state printed circuit board and does not require external controls. The linking control wire shall be supplied with the heater. The heater(s)
    can use a Multi-Unit controller, 100112691, to manifold 5-20 heaters. The Easy-Link and Multi-Unit Controller shall modulate the system for the
    most efficient performance. The Easy-Link and Multi-Unit Controller shall rotate the priority heater every 12 hours of operation time or 100 starts
    for balanced duty/cycle operation.
    The heater models are design certified by CSA according to ANSI Z21.10.3 · CSA 4.3, approved for sale in the United States, ENERGY STAR®
    qualified, has a minimum uniform energy factor of 0.93, meets the energy efficiency requirements of the U. S. Department of Energy and ASHRAE
    90.1, complies with SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 and other air quality districts with similar requirements for low NOx emissions of 14 ng/J or 20 ppm,
    and shall be certified to NSF 5 standards.

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.aosmith_CT-199
  • Product familyCommercial Tankless Water Heater
  • Product groupTankless
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2019-10-18
  • Edition number1
  • Material mainCopper
  • Material secondaryStainless steel
  • Designed inJapan
  • Manufactured inJapan
  • BIMobject CategoryHVAC - Water heaters
  • ETIM CodeEC000392
  • ETIM NameInstantaneous water heater
  • Uniclass 2015 CodePr_60_60_96_33
  • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionGas-fired instantaneous water heaters
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code22 34 13
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleInstantaneous, Tankless, Gas Domestic Water Heaters
  • OmniClass Number23-31 29 11 13
  • OmniClass TitleGas Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters
  • CSI UniFormat II CodeD3090
  • CSI UniFormat II TitleOther HVAC Systems & Equipment

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