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ICONICA by Axalta Industrial Coatings

ICONICA is a collection of super durable powder coatings for a new beginning affecting how we live, work and play. As designers, architects and innovators worldwide find ways of living that are better for the planet and its people, the colours and textures we surround ourselves with are changing too.


Produced according to Axalta’s Alesta® SD quality, the ICONICA coatings are based on a super-durable polyester resin system. The collection combines higher grade pigments and stabilisers with outstanding exterior durability that extend the life cycle of architectural projects.

 The ICONICA coatings are assessed for gloss and colour retention, for all colours, in the most severe environments. This includes testing for strong UV exposure, high temperatures and high humidity. Standing the test of time, and with excellent scratch resistance, the ICONICA products exceed the Qualicoat Class II standards. Axalta’s 25-year warranty guarantees that the coatings’ gloss and overall aesthetic appearance is retained.

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