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Pass-Thru Window Collection by Berner Air Curtains

Compact air curtain design for drive-thru and pass-thru windows and counters.

Have an indoor/outdoor bar or a concession stand you are working on?  Or maybe your client gets 80-100% of their business through the drive-thru window.

Berner has air curtains designed for 2’ (.6m ) to 6’ (1.83m) high openings.  These pass-thru window units meet NSF velocity requirements of 600 fpm at the counter for insect control.

When the window is open, a Berner pass-thru air curtain:

    KEEPS OUT flying insects, dust, & airborne particles

    PREVENTS carbon monoxide from entering

    GUARDS the thermal comfort of the inside the opening

    LOWERS energy costs

    IS EASY to operate & maintain

Berner Pass-thru and Drive-thru air curtains: When the window is open, save energy and create healthy, comfortable environments.

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