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The BIMobject® Blog

BIMobject Poland winner at the TOPBuilder Awards 2017

We are very happy to announce that yesterday BIMobject Poland received an award at the TOPBuilder Awards 2017 for the BIMobject application that was created for the company Komandor.

Builder is a very prestigious magazine that is well known within the Polish construction industry, with every issue of the magazine being delivered in thousands of copies. The TOPBuilder Awards 2017 rewarded companies with the most high-quality products, building solutions and projects that use modern architectural design, construction, materials and technology; as well as IT products applicable in architecture and construction, financial services, projects, initiatives, programs and projects dedicated to the construction industry.

“Being awarded as one of the best innovative IT solutions by such the dignified science committee of TOPBuilder, makes us feel very positive about the future and the rapid development of the BIM methodology in Poland. This means that the Polish market demands and expects a BIM revolution and the digitalisation of Polish building product manufacturers is just a matter of time. We want to say thank you to all our current Polish customers for the trust given to us at the beginning of our presence in Poland”, Marek Kozlak, Managing Director, BIMobject Poland.