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15mm x 3/4" Chrome WRAS Washing Machine Valve - Angled 36378

Unique ref.: 15mm_Chrome_WRAS_Washing_Machine_Valve_Angled
Brand: Brymec
Product family: VNB - Valves & Brassware
Product group: ISO - Isolating Valves
Date of publishing: 2018-07-16
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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15mm x 3/4" Chrome WRAS Washing Machine Valve - Angled

  • 15mm Compression pipe connection
  • 3/4" male threaded connection for appliances
  • 90 deg angled fitting
  • Complete with plastic 1/4 turn handle in red & blue
  • Ball valve

Pipe Size: 15mm

Body Material: HPb59-T

Handle Material: Plastic

Notes: For further information please contact Brymec Technical Dept.

Type: Appliance Isolation Valve

Maximum Working Pressure: PN10

Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ +85 degC

Valves are manufactured to BS6675

Compression connections comply with EN1254-2

Male thread connection complies with ISO228

WRAS approved

Material main: Brassware
Material secondary: Metal
Designed in: United Kingdom
Manufactured in: China

BIMobject Category: Plumbing - Valves
IFC classification: Valve
Uniclass 1.4 Code: L7136
Uniclass 1.4 Description: Valves
Uniclass 2015 Code: Pr_65_54_95_06
Uniclass 2015 Description: Ball valves
NBS Reference Code: 94
NBS Reference Description: Valves
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 40 05 63
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Ball Valves
OmniClass Number: 23-27 31 15
OmniClass Title: Ball Valves
This product is available in:
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Plumbing - Valves

Name Value
Connection Size 15
Connection Type Compression
Cw Connection (Y/N) True
Handle Type Lever
Hw Connection (Y/N) True
Method of Operation Lever Valve
Plumbing Fixture Type Appliance isolation valve




This property set allows objects to be COBie UK BIM Level 2 classified

Name Value
COBie.Component.CreatedBy tech@brymec.com
COBie.Component.Description 15mm x 3/4" Chrome WRAS Washing Machine Valve - Angled
COBie.Component.Length 46
COBie.Component.Name 15mm x 3/4" Chrome WRAS Washing Machine Valve - Angled

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