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Smart door entry monitors in the heart of Antwerp

Located in the city centre, with its 26 floors, 204 flats and 37 penthouses, the Antwerp Tower is the city’s tallest residential building. The Antwerp Tower, which has always been an iconic high-tech building, had already installed Belgium’s first IP door entry monitor system back in 2012, also using Comelit products (Vandalcom and Planux). It was completely renovated in 2017 and was able to accommodate its first residents as early as late 2021. For the new door entry monitor system in the Antwerp Tower, the owners and professionals involved in the refurbishment were seeking an interactive, efficient, functional and practical solution. This is why Ivan Geens, director of the installation company Geens El.Co, decided straight away to rely on Comelit products. It was a joint decision that led to the installation of 241 monitors including pre-configured Mini, Mini Wi-Fi and Maxi Android monitors, along with the multi-apartment gateway 1456B, which can manage up to 200 flats. First and foremost, the chosen solution allows calls from the external unit to be answered either from a smartphone, via the Comelit App, or from a normal GSM or landline phone. In addition, it integrates the SIP protocol that enables users to make phone calls via SIP servers or via virtual lines purchased from a SIP service provider; it allows users to make up to 4 simultaneous audio/video calls and enables remote configuration via a web interface. The system also includes four flush-mounted entrance panels in AISI 316 stainless steel with a high-visibility, 8-inch capacitive touch-screen and shatterproof glass, and 41 Ultra modular entrance panels with a touch module, its most high-tech version. This outstanding achievement was made possible thanks to the advanced features of Comelit’s products and an effective team capable of managing complex projects, understanding the client’s needs, and implementing smart solutions.