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Heaters Diesel: ARCOTHERM - JUMBO115

Heaters Diesel: ARCOTHERM - JUMBO115


Jumbo by name. Jumbo by nature. A large diesel heater for industrial & commercial heating applications. The Arcotherm Jumbo is an industrial diesel space heater, designed for heating large spaces such as halls, warehouses, marquees, events and more. As the Jumbo is an indirect space heater, it allows only clean, fume-free warm air into the space that you need to heat. Therefore these heaters are safe to use for heating enclosed environments with little ventilation. Arcotherm Jumbo space heaters have become particularly popular in the events and marquee hire industries, for heating large parties and events. The Arcotherm Jumbo can be wheeled or lifted, using a fork lift, into position outside the space that you need to heat. The warm air produced by the heater is then ducted into the space from the heater. Meanwhile, any fumes produced during the diesel combustion process are expelled outside via the Jumbo heater’s flue exhaust. Huge heating performance A robust industrial indirect diesel heater. You can also fit a 2-way or 4-way splitter to these space heaters, which allow you to connect multiple sections of ducting to the one heater - so you can heat separate areas all at once! Please note: Arcotherm Jumbo heaters do not have an internal fuel tank. These heaters need to be connected to a remote fuel source. Arcotherm are experts in space heating. Using their technical expertise and years of experience, they manufacture some of the best, most trusted and reliable space heaters on the market. The Jumbo indirect diesel space heater is no exception to this. With its robust steel frame, double skinned body for thermo-acoustic insulation and safe low surface temperature, stainless steel combustion chamber and high temperature resistant heat exchanger, you can be confident in the reliability, safety and effectiveness of the Jumbo diesel heater. The Arcotherm Jumbo indirect diesel space heater can also be connected to a thermostat, and a fan only option can be engaged to provide ambient air when required.

  • Length x Width x Height (mm) - 2163 x 830 x 1208

    Max heating power - 134 kW

    Max flow - 8000 m³/h

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.ARCOTHERMJUMBO115
  • Product familyHeaters - Ventilation
  • Product groupHeaters Diesel
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2021-11-17
  • Edition number1
  • BIMobject CategoryConstruction - Other
  • IFC classificationObject

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