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Cree Building System

A building up to 100 meters high, consisting mainly of the raw material wood. Systemized and to a high-quality design, standardized and with cost-efficient prefabrication. And erected on site in what was previously an unbelievably quick time. A smart building in which the past, present and future are united in an incomparable way.

Something new has begun. Welcome to Cree

The Cree System processes and its physical components are made available only through our Licensed Partners. Licensed Partners are General Contractors or Developers. Kindly have your local General Contractor/ Developer contact us at or by phone +43-676-7588883 and we will assist you in the realization of your project.

As an Architect/ Planner, you can use BIMobject and the Cree System to create a preliminary design for a tender competition or the building approval process. Once you have succeeded in the approval process, we can provide you with the required detailed technical information and assist you with the actual building and assembly process of the Cree System components through your local Licensed Partner. Please contact Cree GmbH once you have succeeded in the approval process at

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