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Bikeep Smart Docking Station with E-Bike Charging
Bikeep Smart Docking Station with E-Bike Charging

    Bikeep Smart Docking Station with E-Bike Charging

    Parking stations for private bikes

    Bikeep parking stations drastically reduce bike theft in cities and give cyclists peace of mind about parking their bikes. Dock-based stations are a perfect fit for short parking sessions where certainty, security, and convenience are critical. The station design allows cyclists to instantly lock and unlock their bikes with just one swipe. Also, with their aesthetic appearance Bikeep’s stations are part of the city scenery. Get your stations up and running quickly as they are hassle-free to install and launch!


      SECTION 02871
      Bikeep Dock

      These specifications were current at the time of publication but are subject to change at any time without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these specifications with the manufacturer and/or distributor prior to installation.


      1.1 Summary

      This section includes specifications for the Bikeep Dock rev. A.

      Bikes parked per unit: 1 bike

      1.2 Quality Assurance

      Installer Qualifications: An experienced installer who has completed installation of bicycle docks similar in material, design, and extent to that indicated for this project and whose work has resulted in construction with a record of successful in-service performance.

      Manufacturer Qualifications: A firm experienced in manufacturing bicycle docks similar to those required for this project and with a record of successful in-service performance.

      Source Limitations: Obtain each color, finish, shape and type of bicycle dock from a single source with resources to provide components of consistent quality in appearance and physical properties.

      Product Options: Drawings indicate size, shape and dimensional requirements of bicycle docks and are based on the specific system indicated.

      1.3 Submittals

      Product Data: Include physical characteristics such as shape, dimensions, bicycle, material parking capacity and finish for each bicycle dock.

      Shop Drawings: Show installation details for each bicycle dock.

      Samples for Verification: Submit finish samples for review and verification.

      Maintenance Data: For each bicycle dock.

      Include recommended methods for repairing damage to the finish.

      1.4 Delivery, Storage and Handling

      Upon delivery, before signing for shipment, inspect for any damages and notate on the B.O.L.

      Store bicycle docks in original undamaged packages and containers until ready for installation. Handle bicycle docks with sufficient care to prevent any scratches or damage to the finish.


      Provide manufacturer's standard warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


      2.1 Acceptable Manufacturers

      Provide bicycle racks manufactured by DERO BIKE RACK CO., 5522 Lakeland Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55429, 1-888-337-6729. Fax: 612-331-2731 Website:

      2.2 Materials

      Body: 11g plate.

      Freestanding Base: ¼” plate.

      Locking Arm: 1” x 11g tube

      2.3 Finishes

      A TGIC powdercoat finish is standard. The main body is dark gray (RAL 5008) and the locking arm is light green (RAL 6018). For powder coated racks, the following specifications are required: Part is prepared for painting with hard sandblasting. An epoxy primer is electrostatically applied. A final TGIC, UV resistant polyester powder coat is applied. Final coating mil thickness shall be no less than 6 mils.

      2.4 Bikeep Dock

      A. Required space for 1 dock (aisle not included):

      Footprint: 31”x79”

      Overall dimensions: L 79”, W 31”, H 37”

      B. Required space for 1 station (aisle not included):

      5-dock station = (5+1) x 31 = 15’ 6”

      10-dock station = (10+1) x 31 = 28’ 5”


      3.1 Installation

      A. Installation Method

      1. Surface mount

      2. Rail mount (freestanding)

      It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that all base materials into which the dock will be installed can support the dock and will not be damaged by any required installation procedures. See structural drawings for details.

      3.2 Ordering Information

      When ordering or specifying this dock, make sure the product type, finish and fastener type (if applicable) are included. Contact your Dero representative for a current price list or to place an order.

      Included in the price is a TGIC powder coat finish.

      3.3 Freight

      Call 1-888-337-6729 for freight quotes.

    Technical specification
    • Unique ref.bikeep-smart-docking-station-with-e-bike-charging
    • Product familyBicycle Racks
    • Product groupBike Racks
    • TypeObject (single object)
    • Date of publishing2023-07-31
    • Edition number1
    • Material mainCarbon Steel
    • BIMobject CategoryLandscaping - Bike Racks & Shelters
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code32 33 13
    • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleSite Bicycle Racks
    • OmniClass Number23-11 29 11 11
    • OmniClass TitleBicycle Racks

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    Hong Kong
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    United States
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