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Self-Boarding Gate

Unique ref.: Argus_HSB-M03
Brand: dormakaba
Product family: Entrance
Product group: Special Doors
Width (mm): 990
Height (mm): 1520
Depth (mm): 1700
Date of publishing: 2017-01-16
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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  • Passage width = 540 mm
  • Housing made of stainless steel satin finish AISI 304.
  • Base columns prepared for installation of a barrier tape, slot existing.
  • Two door leaves made of colourless PETG, lightgrey rectangles, upper edge
  • 1.000 mm.
  • Total width = 990 mm
  • Interlock height = 1520 mm
  • Interlock length = 1700 mm
  • Security and safety sensor system including luggage detection.
  • 10 mm tempered safety glazing in the guide elements. Cut out in the bottom area
  • of the lateral privacy glass, ESG 10 mm frosted for A4 paper.
  • Without cut out for Printer.
  • LVDS 7" display
  • Stainless steel satin finish.
  • traveler interface stainless steel satin finish
  • entrance free after authorisation
  • exit always closed
  • Type 2 power assisted motion; 2 servo positioning drives / 2 directions electrically
  • controlled, drives integrated in the rotating tube.
  • Signal device (arrow/cross pictogram) on entry side.
  • Acoustic signal to announce unauthorised entry.
  • Lockable components with Kaba lock cylinders for maintenance cover and square
  • for printer doors.
  • Incorrent behaviour during Boarding (block lock for 5 seconds)
  • standard tailgating
  • IPC CV05 4GB RAM
  • In the case of a power failure: door leaves can be moved freely!
  • Control units and power supply unit are integrated in the unit.
  • Power supply 100–240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Dowelled on finished floor level FFL.
  • Not suitable for outdoor installation!
  • Prot. class Housing IP32
  • Components conducting supply voltage IP42

Material main: Glass
Material secondary: Polycarbonate
Designed in: Germany
Manufactured in: Germany

BIMobject Category: Doors - Door sets

All BIM objects are real products from real manufacturers confirmed and approved