Horizontal Sliding Wall System HSW G

Unique ref.:   HSW-G_001-2

Brand: dormakaba Group
Product family: Dividing
Product group: Movable Glass Partitions
Designed in: Germany
Manufactured in: Germany
Date of publishing:2013-11-20
Edition number: 1

Product description

  • Horizontal sliding walls Fully glazed with glazing rails (100 mm) top and bottom
  • The sliding panels of the HSW-G glass sliding wall provide continuous and transparent glass surfaces without any lateral frame elements. All functional components are concealed in the top and bottom door rails, while convenient clip-on covers in various materials and colour shades cover all visible surfaces.
  • Ideal for Shopfront, balcony, internal room division
  • Different parking layouts available
  • Glass types Toughened safety glass 10/12 mm, toughened laminated safety glass 12, 13.5 mm
  • Max. system height 4000 mm
  • Max. panel width 1250 mm (1100 mm). The individual panels can also be of differing widths.
  • Max. panel weight 150 kg (depends on type of panel)
  • Panel types Single action end panel, Double action end panel, Bedstop end panel, Single action sliding panel, Double action sliding panel
dormakaba - www.dormakaba.com


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Related information

Material main: Metal
Material secondary: Aluminium


BIMobject Category: Doors - Folding Doors
IFC classification: Wall
UNSPSC name: Doors
UNSPSC code: 301715
Code: JL20
Description: Doors
Code: SS-25-30-20-80
Description: Sliding Stacking Panel Partition Systems
Code: 25-30-20-80
Description: Sliding Stacking Panel Partition Systems