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Eco-Worthy 100W Solar Panel with Submersible Pump Kit Deep Well Water System

Eco-Worthy 100W Solar Panel with Submersible Pump Kit Deep Well Water System

ECO-WORTHY solar pump composes of 100w solar panel and water pump. It is perfect for watering the garden, greenhouse, lawn. It uses clean energy from the sun to power the pump, totally eco-friendly.

Water Pump is used with solar panels and 12V battery systems. This means easy hookup to most any existing solar panels or wind generator systems. For 4" wells or larger. Water blocked cable connector is impervious to water leakage, condensation. Accepts a variety of jacketed cables from your power source runs dry without damage. 50 mesh stainless steel inlet screen. Corrosion-proof housing with stainless steel fasteners. It can offer a solution to your remote water needs. It also can be used for livestock watering, irrigation, ponds, remote homes, and cabins.

Package Includes:

1 pc 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

1 pc DC 12V Submersible Pump Deep Well Water

1 pc 20A Solar Water Pump Controller 

100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

This 100W Mono solar panel with its high power output and the robust design the right solution for a stand-alone system. Even on cloudy days, the solar panel delivers a high energy yield. The panel is covered by a special tempered glass to protect against environmental conditions such as hail, snow, and ice. The panel frame made of anodized aluminum ensures stability.

  • Easy installation with pre-drilled hole.
  • By-Pass diode minimized the impact of shade.
  • Waterproof IP-65 rated junction box: advanced water and dustproof level (complete protection against environmental particles and low-pressure water jets)
  • Resistance to salt corrosion and humidity.
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use, allowing the panels to last for decades as well as withstand high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa).
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum frame and reinforced safety and anti-reflection coated glass 3.2mm thick (tempered + patterned).

12V Submersible Pump Solar Deep Well Water Pump Battery Power

  • Large delivery volume, high delivery pressure, aimed the maximum of this class.
  • Compact size, lightweight, easily portable with no need for long extension cords or loud gas pumps.
  • Set-up and forget with the included solar panel. Add a battery via the included controller for 24-hour pumping.
  • Easy set-up and able to work out of the box.
  • Use around the home, farm, or keep it with you for the RV, cabin, camping, or boat.
  • It's better to use a flexible hose for easy operation.
  • Energy came from the sun, no need any other extra power supply.  

20A Solar Water Pump Charge Controller

  • The big LCD display, PWM battery charging with double USB ports charge; all adjustable parameter and necessary protections equipped.
  • Build-in short-circuits protection, open-circuit protection, reverse protection, over-load protection.
  • Dual mosfet reverse current protection, low heat protection.

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  • 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Specification

    Rated power: 100W
    Voc: 21.6V
    Vop: 18V
    Short circuit current (Isc): 6.11A
    Working current (Iop): 5.55A
    Output Tolerance: ±3%
    Temperate coefficient of Isc (010+/- 0.01 )%/ ℃
    Temperate coefficient of Voc - (0.38 +/-0.01 )%/ ℃
    Temperate coefficient of power Voc -0.47%/℃
    Temperature range: -40℃ to +80℃
    Frame: Heavy duty aluminum
    Kind of glass and its thickness: Low Iron, high transparency tempered glass of 3.2mm
    SLA Battery Voltage: 12V
    Dimensions (L x W x H)mm: 1010mm*510mm*35 mm(39.8*20.1*1.4 In)
    Weight: 8.6kg


    12V Submersible Pump Solar Deep Well Water Pump Battery Power Specification

    Model: SFBP2-G96-08
    Voltage DC: 12V
    Amps: 4 Max
    Flow Rate(lph/gph): 360/96
    Maximum Lift: 230 Feet (70 Meters)
    Maximum Submersion: 100 Feet (30 Meters)
    Package Size (mm): 355*130*110
    N.W/G.W(kg): 2.9/3.0
    Material: High Strength Engineered Plastic
    Inlet: 50 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen
    Outlet Port: 1/2''(12.7mm) Barbed Fitting
    Internal Bypass: 105-110 PSI Max(7.2-7.5BARS)
    Cable: 10 feet (3m)
    Motor: Permanent Magnet Thermally Protected


    20A Solar Water Pump Charge Controller Specification

    Nominal output: 12V/24V
    Charge current: 20A
    Discharge current: 20A
    Max Solar input: <50V
    Charge voltage: 13.7V
    Discharge stop: 10.7V
    Discharge reconnect: 12.6V
    USB output: 5V/2A
    Self-consume: <15mA
    Operating temperature: -20~+60 ℃
    Size/Weight: 138*85*30mm /150g
    Install hole size: 124*50mm

Technical specification
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  • Date of publishing2019-02-13
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  • UNSPSC nameSolar heating units
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