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Exterior door ARILD 115S
Exterior door ARILD 115S
Exterior door ARILD 115S

    Exterior door ARILD 115S

    An exterior door from Ekstrands superior insulation ability with a U-value of 0.73W/(m²K). With our Passiv91 construction it is possible to get a U-value of 0,58W/(m²K) .

    The product consists of advanced material combinations that have decades of development behind them.

    The latest technology is used in manufacturing and each door is manually made by skilled craftsmen.

    The materials of the door leaf is weatherproof and all wooden details are primed with linseed oil, these are some details of the manufacturing process that makes an exterior door from Ekstrands unique.

    No solvents or environmental hazards are used in the manufacture. When choosing an exterior door from Ekstrands you’re making the best choice for the environment.

    Ekstrands offer full warranties even on black and dark coloured doors.

    • U-value: 0.73W/(m²K) (down to 0,58W/(m²K) available)

      Air permeability: 4

      Acoustic performance dB(Rw): 30db (42dB available)

      Water tightness: 7B

      Resistance to wind load: C3

    Technical specification
    • Unique ref.exterior-door-model-arild-115s
    • Product familyDoors
    • Product groupArild
    • TypeObject (single object)
    • Date of publishing2021-02-18
    • Edition number1
    • Material mainWood
    • Designed inSweden
    • Manufactured inSweden
    • BIMobject CategoryDoors - Door sets

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