Silver built-in oven with 4 burners and digital timer

The Electrolux 52EXR silver built-in stove with 4 burners and digital timer is that special product that will help you prepare the best recipes.

The super oven with 70 Liters capacity makes it possible to prepare recipes that require more internal space. You will prepare incredible recipes for the whole family.

To make everyday life more practical, the digital timer allows you to program the desired cooking time. At the end of the preparation, the timer emits an audible warning, preventing your recipe from burning.

The high-performance and super-powerful burners ensure that food is prepared in less time for your satisfaction and more practicality in your kitchen.

The individual grills with compartmentalized table prevent the liquids from spilling on the table and eases the cleaning of the stove. The oven has sliding shelves, which allow the preparation of different recipes simultaneously, without any interference between them.

The gas blocking system of the 4-burner stove cuts the fluid in case the oven flame extinguishes, preventing leaks and possible accidents.

• Digital timer: perform other activities while your meal is in the oven. The timer will beep when the food is ready to eat.
• Super oven: 70 liters of capacity so you can prepare recipes that require more internal space in the oven. Cook amazing dishes for the whole family.
• Block gas: count on a security system that was designed to keep the family safe while the oven is used. If the flame goes out, a safety valve cuts off the gas, preventing leakage.
• Sliding shelves: with this feature, you can prepare more than one recipe simultaneously.
• Powerful burners: your recipes cooking much faster.
• Internal glass and removable buttons: easier cleaning.

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