Built-in stove with electric grill and mechanical timer

The 56EBT built-in stove with Electric Grill is suitable for baking nd roasting food. It has a full glass door, which facilitates the visibility of the oven.

The Electrolux stove has a powerful triple flame burner that provides speed when preparing meals.

It also has a timer, which allows you to program the time your meal will be ready, for example. At the end of the preparation, the 56EBT cooker timer beeps.

The keep warm function allows food to be served at the ideal temperature, providing more comfort and convenience during meals.

The grills of the 4-burner stove are individual, with a partitioned table, which prevents the spillage of liquids on the table and also facilitates its cleaning.

The cover of the 56EBT Electrolux cooker is removable, with energy rating A, and the cooker ignition is fast ignited. The best option on the market!

• Electric Grill: roast your recipes for the time determined.
• Full Glass Door: follow the evolution of recipes in real time inside the oven and do not let the dishes burn.
• Timer: program the desired cooking time and at the end of the preparation, the timer will beep
• Keep warm function: keep the dishes warm at the ideal temperature until serving with this electric oven function.
• Triple flame burner: perfect for preparing larger recipes, this powerful flame speeds up cooking.
• Adjustable and sliding shelves: prepare more than one recipe simultaneously and easy access to inside the oven.

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